Textbook/Instruction Materials Process

In selecting textbooks for each curriculum course, the following guidelines should be followed:

Review Board Policy 606.01- Instructional Materials; Review Board Policy 606.02 - Instructional Materials Inspection

Listed below is information that all textbook selection committees need to provide in the selection of textbooks.

  1. District Learning Guide (s), course outline, or scope and sequence for the course(s) must be created identifying essential learning that will take place in the course (s).
  2. Submit a statement of rationale/need for the adoption of new textbook materials.
  3. Submit a list of textbooks the curriculum committee would like to review for each course to the Content Area Specialist/Curriculum Director. Also, please send a list of people serving on the curriculum textbook selection committee to the Curriculum Director.
  4. These samples will be ordered by the Content Area Specialist/Curriculum Director who will keep a log of which samples are being reviewed.
  5. Committee will review the District Textbook/Instruction Materials Selection Criteria form.
  6. Upon receipt of sample textbooks, criteria sheets will be completed by committee members for each text. These completed rating sheets must be submitted to the Content Area Specialist/Curriculum Director.
  7. The committee will select three (3) textbooks (if possible) for which they'd like to receive bids. This information should include the title, the publisher, and ISBN numbers for each textbook.
  8. The Content Area Specialist/Curriculum Director will request bids from the three finalists. The information to be included on these bids will be the cost per student textbook, teacher manual, supplementary material, and shipping charges.
  9. Upon receipt of bids, the curriculum committee will review bids and submit a recommendation to the Content Area Specialist/Curriculum Director as to which textbook is selected and justification.
  10. The bids and recommendations will be submitted to and discussed by the School Board Curriculum and Americanism Committee.
  11. The Content Area Specialist/Curriculum Director will prepare the school board agenda item to be submitted.
  12. The School Board will approve, or not, the adoption of the proposed textbooks.
  13. Upon approval, the Curriculum Director will order the textbooks

Instructional Materials Criteria

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