Supply Lists

Different Colored Pencil

Scottsbluff elementary schools have created a new school supply beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. In the past, each individual school had its own list with recommended supplies varying widely between grades and neighborhood schools. This year, in order to simplify school supply shopping for families, there is one standardized list for all SBPS elementary schools. This list is available in English and Spanish on the district website.

In addition to creating a standardized list, the list has also been shortened in an effort to make supplies both easier to shop for and more affordable for Scottsbluff families.

This list will be made available to local retailers.

  • BMS Bag Guidelines

    Bluffs Middle School has the following school bag guidelines:  During the school day, students will only be allowed to carry drawstring bags not to exceed 18” x 14”.  The need for larger bags is unnecessary due to coursework being accessible via school-issued Chromebooks.  Students will continue to have access to their lockers before and after school. Athletic bags used for after-school activities must be placed in lockers as students arrive at school.

Elementary Supply List English

Elementary Supply List Español

Bear Cub Preschool Supply List

BMS Supply List

Please note: Scottsbluff High School does not publish a supply list due to the variance of student schedules and school issued Chromebooks.  It is recommended that students bring a few basic supplies (notebook and a few writing utensils) to the first day and use each class syllabus as a guide for needed supplies.