Family Success Center

Family Success Center
  • Schools are a natural setting to provide outreach and support to a school community and its families. We are here to support our SBPS students and families through challenges and adversity. Our goals at the Family Success Center include:

    • To create a one-stop location for students and families who may be experiences a range of issues that create barriers to school and school attendance;
    • To address chronic absenteeism;
    • To work directly with families to identify needs and make connections to resources;
    • To work collaboratively with teachers, counselors and principals to support at-risk students;
    • To provide homelessness outreach and support for students and families;
    • To build relationships through positive community outreach. 




What is Chronic Absenteeism?

  • Chronic absenteesim is classified when a student misses 10% or more of the school year, this ads up to 16 days of absences or more.

    When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic success!

    Understanding the levels of attendance is important for both students and families.

  • You Can Help!

    • There are many ways in which parents, caregivers and families can support attendance:

      • Promote healthy lifestyles by eating balanced meals, having breakfast daily, dressing weather-appropriate, and washing hands frequently;
      • Talk to your student regularly about the importance of their education and their plans for the future;
      • Schools and parents are partners, stay connected with your child's teachers and other school staff;
      • Come back to school after appointments, or schedule appointments outside of the school day whenever possible. This helps make up for lost learning time.