How does the school district work with local businesses to receive goods and services.

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The Scottsbluff Public School District partners with a variety of local businesses for goods and services used both in the day to day operations of the District and for special projects. The district receives many benefits from conducting business locally such as shortened delivery times, local service and maintenance on items purchased, competitive pricing and economic support of the local community.

The District frequently bids out supplies ensuring that we receive uniform goods and services at a competitive price and while not all goods or services are available locally, many items are purchased or bids are awarded right in Scottsbluff. Just a few examples are copy machines (including service and supplies such as toner), office furniture, signage, lease of non-bus vehicles in our fleet, lumber and supplies for our Construction/Trades classes, and uniforms and apparel for activities.  Local labor is also contracted for work not performed by the District’s in-house Facilities Team.