What are some examples of ways the District reduces costs in order to eliminate or lessen the impac

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Procurement Card Program
The District has adopted a procurement card program for convenience to employees as well as a potential revenue enhancement strategy for the district. The main strategies include ease of use, standard product for employees when traveling for professional development, trainings, student sponsored events and such for the District. In addition to ease of use for employees and easier oversight for the business department, the District can also take advantage of rebates when these cards are used.

Bidding and Interal Warehousing of Supplies
The District frequently bids out supplies at lower thresholds than is required by school code in order to take advantage of the competitive economy and gain favorable pricing. The bidding streamlines the purchasing processes ensuring that the district receives uniform goods and services at a competitive price. SBPS also utilizes consortium pricing programs to help save additional funds. Many supplies needed at individual school buildings are purchased in bulk using these strategies and warehoused centrally providing each individual school with inventory control, and bulk purchasing power. Most supplies are available to school buildings within a 24 hour turnaround time.