Student Pick Up and Drop Off

Student Pick Up and Drop Off

We would like the rides for K-2 students to continue to drop off/pick up on Avenue K in front of the east playground. The change will be for students in grades 3-5 to be picked up south of the school on 17th Street. Those eating breakfast may be dropped off in front of the east playground in order to go into the commons to eat.


There are a few exceptions to this:

*If students in grades 3-5 have siblings or carpool students in grades K-2, they may wait and catch rides or get dropped off on Avenue K by the east playground.

*All students, if riding in a daycare vehicle, will continue to wait and catch a ride on Avenue K near the east playground.

*If you have made arrangements and have a system to pick up/drop off your students at a different location than Avenue K, that is ok.

*If you use the 18th Street area to pick up/drop off students, you may continue to do so if you choose.


Students should exit out the following doors:

*Kindergarteners out the south door #2 to the east playground.

*1st and 2nd grades will exit out the east #3 Commons doors.

*3rd graders will exit out the south doors #8 to the west playground.

*4th and 5th graders will exit out the west Commons doors #6 to the west playground.

*If there is snow/mud in the field on the west playground field, students may go through the Commons and out to the Avenue K sidewalk to get to the pick up place on 17th    Street.

For exiting, there are exceptions if a student needs to meet up with a sibling or carpool student.