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Engaging and Nurturing Environment

  Engaging and Nurturing Environment –  Every year, BMS holds its 3rd Quarter Incentive Program. During 3rd quarter, students are recognized for a number of positive aspects. Students who raise their grade point average from quarter 2 to quarter 3, have perfect attendance, have straight A’s, successfully completed an Honors project during 1st semester, and or successfully completed an activity, sport, or club. For each achievement, students get a coupon filled out on their behalf to go into a drawing to be held after the completion of 3rd quarter. Many students get their name in the drawing multiple times.

BMS then convenes for an all school assembly in which the positive involvement of our students is celebrated. Nearly 100 prizes (growing each year) and generously donated by area businesses and individuals to be given away. There are also many items for staff to win! Items have ranged from iPads to televisions to bicycles. We take pride in celebrating success and recognizing the achievements and efforts of our staff and students!