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Honors Projects

Honors Projects. Each semester, BMS students have the opportunity to pursue Honors Opportunities in Science and Social Studies. Honors Opportunities are assignment and project options that challenge students to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of content, concepts, skill and application. Offered in the regular classroom, any student can participate in Honors Opportunities, by self-selecting a topic of interest to research (with teacher approval). The research and completion of the Honors Opportunities is student-driven with the teacher serving as the facilitator.

This program provides alternative learning choices for students who may have a certain passion in these areas or are simply looking for academic challenge! Projects usually take 20+ hours to complete, and solid, completed projects result in notations of completion on the student report card. This also provides for a fun project for parents to get involved in.

At the end of each semester, BMS holds an Honors Gala where students display and present their Honors projects to BMS staff and students as well as community members.