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Engaging and Nurturing Environment

Scottsbluff High School has several components that will create an engaging and nurturing environment for students including All Children Experience Success (ACES), Positive Behaviror Supports (PBiS), Social-Emotional Curriculum, Standard Response Protocol, and a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner counselor/therapist.

ACES is the acronym for All Students Experience Success.  ACES helps students feel valued and supported while our staff teaches, references, and reinforces high expectations for all students in our building.

 ACES is a three tier model that consists of the following interventions:  Tier 1 interventions occur for all students– 16 proactive classroom management strategies; Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum; positive relationships; firm, fair, and kind consistent teaching.  Tier 2 occurs for those that need an intervention beyond Tier 1.  Some of the Tier 2 interventions include:  EXCEL Academy; VALTS; Schedule modification; and a specific behavior plan.  Tier 3 interventions occur for SHS students after several attempts at Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions have not been successful.  Tier 3 interventions include:  ReConnect; Special Education/504 plans.

PBiS is the acronym for Positive Behavior Supports and interventions.  We have implemented school-wide PBiS over the course of the last year and this includes strategies for students to be safe, respectful, responsible, and display leadership within our school.  These behaviors include classroom expectations, hallway, cafeteria, school activity, bus, and restroom expectations as well.

School-Connect is our Social-Emotional (SEL) Curriculum that is taught to all 9th grade students.  School-Connect focuses on building positive relationships between students and staff.  Students who feel connected to school and their teachers are more likely to attend class, enjoy school, and perform well academically.  As students enter 9th grade, they face increased academic rigor and fewer social supports.  For the first time, their academic record will affect the post-high school opportunities.  In conjunction with our SEL curriculum, we are providing a teaming approach and Freshman Academy to support our 9th grade students.

Our Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is the method we use to respond to any incident that may occur inside or outside of our school.  Four actions are conducted that include:  Lockout; Lockdown;  Evacuate; and Shelter.  These methods are practiced throughout the year so that students and staff will respond appropriately if an incident occurs.

We are very fortunate to have a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP) to assist students in our building with significant needs.

The components discussed above will definitely assist our staff in providing an engaging and nurturing environment for the students of Scottsbluff High School.