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Scottsbluff Public Schools to Expand Classroom Space through a gift to the Scottsbluff Public Schools Foundation

Scottsbluff Public Schools to Expand Classroom Space through a gift to the Scottsbluff Public Schools Foundation


Board of Education Presentation May 7, 2012


  • The building located at 1722 1st Avenue is valued at $325,000 and is being donated by Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Connie Frank and family of Scottsbluff.


  • In order to support the District's planned expansion of its preschool program and the creation of Scottsbluff Schools own Alternative High School program , Mr. and Mrs. Frank have chosen to donate both the building and adjacent parking lot to the school district


  • If approved by the Board of Education at their July regular meeting, necessary renovations will begin on the building to prepare it to house the district employees currently located at the Central Administration office at 2601 Broadway and the district's curriculum and training center located in the East Stadium Building.


  • This vacated administrative space will be used to house an expanded SBPS Preschool Programfrom two classrooms to the potential of four and to provide teachers and students with a much improved learning facility.


  • The vacated East Stadium area will house an SBPS alternative high school for students interested in a smaller and more flexible structure.This facility is adjacent to the Agricultural and Construction Trades facilities immediately across the street from Scottsbluff High School. This alternative program is intended to provide high school students with opportunities to remain within the district system and benefit from all other SBPS resources and programming. High school staff will spend the coming eighteen months visiting other such schools around the region and developing a program that will be specifically suited to interested Scottsbluff students. The program, as planned, would open in time for the 2013-14 school year.


  • Focused attention on quality educational practices that will increase graduation rates and student achievement,is the District's priority. Since being identified on Nebraska's PLAS List (Persistently Lowest Achieving Schools) last year, efforts to improve upon past years results have led to a rigorous emphasis upon curriculum and academic standards.


  • With our students displaying increasingly diverse needs , the school district recognizes the importance of providing additional supports and opportunities to all of our students.


  • Expanding early childhood education and providing options for our high school students are key components of Scottsbluff Public Schools' Strategic Plan.


"This donation will give us additional classroom space to enhance education opportunities for all children.  The generosity of Roger and Connie Frank will enable our school district to accomplish far more than we could have otherwise even considered", said SBPS Superintendent Rick Myles.