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SBPS Purchasing Practices

SBPS Purchasing Practices

The Finance team purchases products and services for SBPS on an ongoing basis.  By law, the district must select the lowest “responsible” bidder for goods or services. What does “responsible” mean in this context?  It means that SBPS will purchase based upon the lowest bid that meets the requirements and specifications of the product or service.

For example, an elementary school needs new desks.  The Finance team will work with the principal and others at the school to learn the requirements for the desks.  Then, products that meet those requirements will be reviewed and compared, considering all specifications that were set forth, as well as life expectancy and warranty of the desk. At that point, the lowest priced product that meets all the requirements will be selected.  The Finance team will further negotiate with the vendor for bulk pricing, free shipping, or other potential savings.

SBPS will purchase only quality products for which the specifications and requirements have been established. The Finance team will always work with the requestor, and potential vendors to get the best possible value for SBPS.