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Scottsbluff Public Schools Continues to be at the Forefront of School Safety and Security

Scottsbluff Public Schools Safety Enhancements for the 2019-2020 School Year

Scottsbluff Public Schools, as is the case in virtually all school See Something districts, continues to explore potential strategies to help provide a safe environment for our students, staff and visitors. Unfortunately, no one is immune from the widespread tragedies we all read about on a nearly weekly basis. SBPS is committed to being proactive and taking necessary, yet prudent, steps as we consider potential strategies and alternatives.

  • This summer, the SBPS has increased security staffing and hours to better serve all times district facilities are open to the public.
  • The District has adopted a new incident reporting Raptor  system, See Something, Send Something, which will be used by all law enforcement agencies and schools within the county. 
  • Additionally, the high school and middle school will begin using the Raptor School Security  System that will do quick background checks on visitors and issue visitor ID badges. 
    • The Raptor system screens and tracks everyone coming into the schools and keeps unwanted entrants out. 
    • The Raptor school security system screens for sex offenders, alerts staff of custody violations, and monitors the arrival of all visitors.
  • Scottsbluff Schools Board of Education convened Monday morning to observe a demo of "Entry Shield Screen and Flow" and consider the potential of such a system.Entry Shield
    • Entry Shield is not at all a traditional “metal detector” that can be highly intrusive and ineffective, such as those used at airports and government buildings.
    • According to Entry Shield, the product ensures that select weapons “will be quickly detected within seconds upon walking through the system. This ensures that the flow of students entering the building will not be interrupted.”
    • As part of the District's commitment to student safety, a flow-through system may have some appeal in the future because it does not impede traffic into the school and features technology that is far less intrusive to the everyday school environment.
    • No decision has been made regarding potential implementation at this point.
  • Designed with a single entry point, both the high school and middle school were designed with safety and security as a priority. Our elementary schools are all retrofitted with buzzer systems and cameras. Current security enhancements to the buildings are further enhancing the effectiveness of such systems by alarming the use of other doors during the school day to help discourage traffic out exits other than the front door. These systems will not impede emergency exit during drills or actual incidents.
  • Additionally, steps have been taken to further restrict unnecessary access throughout the building during public events such as those that would occur in the gymnasiums or auditorium.
  • The District is working with the City of Scottsbluff to establish safety zones that will help provide pedestrians and drivers safer options around our schools.
  • Scottsbluff Schools is now entering our ninth year of the Standard Response Protocol. SBPS was the very first school district to bring the system to Nebraska and SRP is now the standard expectation of every school district in the State.
  • Scottsbluff Public Schools is viewed to be a leader throughout the State in the area of safety and security and continually seeks to enhance this reputation with forward-looking and sensible improvements.