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Lavon Hood, Scottsbluff Public Schools CFO, awarded Nebraska Business Official of the Year

Lavon Hood, Scottsbluff Public Schools CFO, awarded Nebraska Business Official of the Year

SBPS Chief Financial Officer Lavon Hood was named Outstanding Business Official of the Year from the Nebraska Association of School Business Officials for 2017.  This award recognizes individuals who have exhibited outstanding and visionary leadership in school business management.


“Lavon is a remarkably gifted and effective Chief Financial Officer,” said Rick Myles, SBPS Superintendent. “Her small town, rural roots in tandem with her global, “big picture” perspective provide her the relationship skills and sensitivities that support close community ties as well as the business acumen that ensures her sound fiscal oversight and her strong, informed decision making.  She carries the same mission with her as do the rest of us:  decisions impact far more than dollars and cents – they impact the lives of children.”


In her position since 2009, Hood has managed significant changes to the District’s budget demands as the enrollment has grown from barely 2800 when she first arrived to over 3400 students today. Additionally, she has worked to build up cash reserves enabling the school district to significantly reduce the size of the SHS bond issue and strengthen SBPS’ financial position as evidenced by the high AA- long-term rating from Standard & Poor’s. This rating has in turn enabled the refinancing of older middle school bonds to save taxpayer expense. As Chief Financial Officer, she also oversees many of the District’s Human Resource responsibilities including management of all payroll and benefit functions for a workforce of well over 500 employees. Hood has also innovatively facilitated the district’s transition to privatized transportation and food services which have economically improved quality and reliability for students.


Hood will be presented a plaque in recognition at the annual NASBO State Convention being held April 19-21, 2017.