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Nebraska Department of Education Presents SBPS with AdvancED Accreditation Plaque

Nebraska Department of Education Presents SBPS with AdvancED Accreditation Plaque

The Nebraska Department of Education visited Scottsbluff Public Schools on Monday, December 5th to present SBPS with our AdvancED Accreditation plaque.  Building and District Staff as well as members of the Board of Education were on hand to celebrate our accreditation.

AdvancED accreditation occurs for Nebraska school districts approximately every five-six years and SBPS has been an accredited district since 1921. Scottsbluff Schools’ visitation was conducted in October of 2015. The six-member team consisted of trained reviewers from throughout the country who observed over 50 classrooms for at least 20 minutes each and interviewed 114 people including 31 teachers, 41 students 18 parents, community members and many more. Their report was remarkable in terms of its comprehensiveness and also in terms of its generous praise and recognition. Some such excerpts from the accreditation report include:

“The district has a nurturing climate that is modeled by the school board and observed in adults and students. The team noted many instances of positive interactions between adults and students. The school board sets a tone that is emulated throughout the school and the community. The school is the center of the community.”

“The caring culture of the Scottsbluff Public Schools staff, and the subsequent passion for their work, are uncommon. That culture has impacted our lives as team members as well.”

“The schools in the system are under the leadership of caring and committed individuals who focus their efforts on improving student learning and meeting all student needs. There is a shared ownership system-wide of meeting all student needs. The district’s commitment to the development of the whole child is evident by all of the opportunities afforded students in the system PK-12.”