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Effective Teaching and Learning

A structured, consistent curriculum which is aligned to Nebraska state standards is in place for each of the content areas.  Teachers utilize district created Learning Guides to ensure that all content is instructed throughout the school year.

Teachers regularly use an instructional process that clearly informs all students of learning expectations and standards of performance. Daily objectives are posted in classrooms. Assessment data is discussed regularly with students and used to set goals and guide instruction.

Students receive timely feedback about their learning regarding classroom performance and assessment results.


New teachers are provided with ongoing mentoring by an experienced teacher. All staff is provided with multiple opportunities throughout the school year for professional learning. Before school begins in the fall, professional development days are implemented for all staff, including additional training days for new staff. This includes curricular training such as Mondo Bookshop reading, Bridges in Math, and Science Fusion, as well as topics such as technology use and student engagement strategies.


Our school consistently uses data to identify students' individual learning needs and then implements instruction based on these needs.

Based on Mondo reading level and skills data, students are grouped for reading instruction according to their skills and levels. Title 1 and Sped staff provide additional support as needed.


After school tutoring is provided for students in grades 3-6 throughout the year in the areas of Reading and Math. Students who have been identified with high achievement skills are provided opportunities in the HAL program on a weekly basis in grades 3-5.