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Innovative Classroom Practices

At Longfellow Elementary School, teachers provide opportunities for student achievement through various methods.  We recognize that student learning is unique to each individual.  Teachers provide opportunities for students to meet their unique needs.  Students are provided opportunities to work with partners, in small groups, and with adults individually to meet their needs and grow academically.  Instruction is guided through student assessments and daily progress so that students are mastering the necessary content to be successful.


We are fortunate at Longfellow to have various technology tools to support student achievement.  Document cameras and smart board technology is available for students to work interactively with the teacher in whole group and small group instruction.  This increases student engagement throughout the instruction and provides spontaneous opportunities for students to show what they know.


A computer lab is available in the library for students to have access to research and practice skills with specific games and applications.  Students have opportunities every third day throughout the week to work in the computer lab.  Ipads and Chrome books are available for students to practice specific skills, research, take assessments, and publish student work in the classroom. Students are able to work independently and at their own pace with meaningful programs to enhance their skills.  The Longfellow PTO has been instrumental to provide these tools to support students in the classroom.