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Engaging and Nurturing Environment

Lincoln Heights is working to meet the needs of our students through a variety of programs. These programs include Positive Behavior Supports, ACES (All Children Experience Success), Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum and The Energy Bus for Adult and Kids by Jon Gordon.

Lincoln Heights believes that a Positive School Climate is what sets our school apart from others. We understand that students will reach high academic standards only if they are presented in a context where students feel safe, supported, and happily engaged in addition to being challenged. At Lincoln Heights we value our close family atmosphere. We understand that in order for our students to be successful, we need the support of our parents and our community. We work to build relationships through our PTO organization, family nights, music programs, and parent-teacher conferences. We have been blessed to have high participation in all of these activities.

As part of our family atmosphere, we at Lincoln Heights hold a morning meeting at the beginning of each school day. Each class follows their teacher in from the playground to a designated spot in the gym. Once everyone is there we greet each other, say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing a patriotic song, recognize birthdays as well as recognize students who are achieving above and beyond expectations.