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Effective Teaching and Learning

Effective Teaching and Learning 

At Lincoln Heights Elementary our staff works together as a team to provide all of our students with the support they need in order to be successful at their grade level.  This coordinated effort includes consideration being given to all of our resources including personnel, (certified and classified), schedules, and technology. We provide support in class as needed during all subjects, but put extra emphasis on supporting reading instruction.  We believe that having students remain in their classroom with their grade level peers as much as possible is a great benefit. 

We have found working within the regular classroom and supporting the instruction at grade level is the most efficient use of these resources.  Including our building media specialist in our intervention time allows for the use of technology resources, personnel and extra time. When circumstances call for students to be pulled from their classrooms for extra intervention, we have found grouping our title 1 students with our special education students performing at the same reading level only makes good sense. Together, the Special Education teacher and the Title 1 teacher look at student reading data and group students appropriately. 

Another process that our schools are beginning is that of MTSS, or Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. It is our desire that through this process we will be able to identify and implement intervention strategies for students who are falling behind earlier.  Lincoln Heights’ staff has an attitude of “no excuses” and expects all students to learn and show growth.  We feel student support services (Title 1 and Special Education) must work together to make sure every child gets what they need.