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Engaging and Nurturing Environment

Social/Emotional learning is an important component to success in school.  Preschoolers at Scottsbluff Bear Cub Preschool are taught the Second Step Curriculum for Social/Emotional learning and includes topics such as joining groups and handling strong feelings (such as anger or frustration).   The school rules mimic those of the other schools in the district and feature the three main rules of Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  As staff encourage students in these areas Paw Prints are given out to reinforce skills being taught and expected at the preschool.  The Paw Prints are placed on the wall so families can see all the good choices our youngest students are making while attending Scottsbluff Bear Cub Preschool.  Once a  week, each class selects 3 students as Bear Cubs of the week and the office takes a picture for display on the TV in the foyer of the school.  This way we acknowledge and honor our families and students for working hard to learn how to conduct themselves responsibly, respectfully, and safely.