• Mr. Griess

    Mr. Griess is the Bearcat Team Science teacher. This is Mr. Griess' 20th year as a teacher. He also coaches volleyball and basketball at BMS. He has hosted a number of different after-school clubs such as BMS Games Club, Science of the Mind Club, and Technology Club.  When he isn't working here at school he also enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering at his church, reading, watching football and baseball, working out, listening to podcasts, staring at his phone, doing construction projects, and asking questions.

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    Scottsbluff Public Schools has adopted the Science Fusion program for science instruction. One aspect of this program is that students have access to materials online. Students can view their textbook, watch Video Based Projects, complete Digital Lessons, and complete Virtual Labs from any computer that has internet access. Students can click on the Science Fusion logo above to visit the website. Their user name is their initials (lower case) followed by thier student ID (library number). Their password is Pass! followed by thier lunch number (4 digit #), for example Pass!1234 Once logged in, students can view any of the materials in their "library."

    Science Fusion Website