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Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Keim

Hello! I teach English 10, Honors English 10, and English11 (BMM). I recently graduated from Chadron State College(go Eagles!), and I hail from small Bridgeport,Nebraska. I am a devoted reader, writer, and teacher. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to share my love of the English language with all my students. 

Phone: 3086315845

Email: mkeim@sbbearcats.net

Degrees and Certifications:

I received my Bachelors of Science in Education with a specialty in English Language Arts from Chadron State College.

  • Expectations/Rules

    You are expected to show up on time to class. You are expected to participate in classwork, reading, homework, and discussions. Respect, kindness, and professionalism are of the utmost importance in this classroom. For all the students in this class to learn, they must feel safe and respected. You must respect yourself and others in this classroom; I will not tolerate any language or behavior that makes others feel unsafe. You are also expected to be kind to yourself and others. We act in kindness, speak in kindness and live in kindness. Positivity creates a space for optimal learning and successful teamwork. We want you to feel comfortable in our classroom; comfortable presenting, speaking, sharing your opinions, asking questions and learning. This comfort comes with kindness and creating a “No Judgment Zone” with one another. Professionalism means that you have come to class ready to learn – this means that you are not only prepared with the proper tools (Chromebook, paper, pencil, etc.), but that you are mentally prepared to learn and ready to pay attention.

    Be prepared!

    Be positive!

    Be polite!

    Be prompt!


    Most of all be CURIOUS! 😊

    Required Materials

    • One college-ruled notebook
    • Class folder
    • Writing utensils
    • (Optional) I would advise getting a planner to keep track of your homework – this will become more and more important as you move forward in your education. It is better to begin getting organized early!

    Absent/Late Work Policy

    Daily work/homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class period. Late work assignments will be accepted until the end of the assigned week. Daily work/homework assignments will not be accepted after the Friday of the week assigned. If you know you will be gone for whatever reason, please let Ms. Keim know, so you may gather and complete the assignment before your scheduled absence.

    Tests/Test Make-Ups

    Tests can be retaken up until the end of the quarter. If a test is taken after October 9th or March 12th, retakes will roll into the following quarter. You may retake a test a total of 3 times, and your gradebook will reflect the highest test score! Please communicate with me about test make-ups.

    Attendance/Tardy Policy

    It is your responsibility to come to class on time. You are considered tardy if you arrive after the bell. After 10 minutes, you are considered absent. Multiple offenses will result in a call to your parents. Daily bell ringers will be used to track attendance. Each bell ringer is worth 5 points in the Classwork category (this doesn’t seem like much, but it can really add up!). You must be in your seat and ready to do the warm-up before the bell. If you are tardy, you must come in after school to receive points.

    Technology Policy

    All SHS teachers will post the cell phone color zone of their classroom.

    RED: absolutely no cell phones/phone collection

    YELLOW: cell phones may be used at the teacher’s discretion

    GREEN: cell phones may be openly used in a green zone

    (This policy applies to apple watches and iPads as well).

    Chromebooks: Technology is an awesome asset for learning, and we will be using your Chromebooks plenty in and out of the classroom! Unfortunately, technology can also be a distraction in the classroom. Chromebooks should be turned off and closed unless I have instructed you to use them. Chromebooks should be brought to school fully charged. It is your responsibility to be prepared to learn which means you should set aside time at night to charge your Chromebooks. If you come to class with a dead Chromebook, you will be given an alternate (not nearly as fun) assignment to do with pencil and paper.

    Open Door Policy

    It is my hope that, as we get to know each other, you will feel comfortable speaking in class, asking “dumb” questions, and talking to me. While I will expect great things from you in this class, I understand that crazy things happen in life. High school can be hard, I know! So, if something drastic comes up, please feel free to talk to me about it anytime! I hate gossip, so it will not leave my room. Please do not feel afraid to talk to me if you have not completed your homework, but, of course, do not come to me with excuses!