7th Grade Arctic Cat Math Resources

  • We have adopted the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum at Bluffs Middle School. I am excited to be implementing this new curriculum that makes math more relatable to everyday life. The learning taking place in my classroom will be cooperative, where students will be actively engaged in mathematics conversation. It is a constructivist base model, that allows the students to be introduced to a real-world problem first, and develop the algorithms themselves through problem-solving and logical reasoning. 

    To access the student book you can check out this website: 

    Illustrative Math Student Book

     To access the parent materials that include examples of work problems check out this website: 

    Illustrative Math Family Resources

  • Grade 7 Scope and Sequence:


  • Homework / Assignments

    • Students are required to turn in an assignment the day after it is issued. 
    • Any missing work after two weeks will turn into a 0% in the gradebook. You must make an appointment with Mrs. Harman to ask to redo any 0% scores. 


    Tests / Quizzes

    • Students will be given at least a 1 week advance notice on all tests and most quizzes. 
    • Tests and Quizzes may be redone if the student so chooses by making an appointment with Mrs. Harman before or after school to redo.
    • REDOs are also done during a scheduled intervention. The information is located on my board by the door.