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Message from the Director of Technology

  •  David Davis, Director of Technology

    In the world we live in today it is almost impossible to go about our daily tasks without the use of some type of technology.  We learn to rely on this technology for almost everything we do.  This is true in all the aspects of our life except in our educational system.  Technology has moved forward much faster than most schools can keep up with.  With school finances always a challenge and technology that keeps changing, most educational institutions have fallen behind.  At Scottsbluff Schools we have made the commitment to our students and our patrons to not be left behind but to strive to provide relevant, proven and new technology to our students so they can gain the needed skills and experience they will need to be successful in all their endeavors after leaving our school. 

Technology News

  • Bandwidth Upgrade

    In an effort to keep our students "up to speed",  Scottsbluff Schools IT department upgraded both our Internet Firewall and our Internet connections over the summer. Scottsbluff Schools now has a dedicated 500 meg link to the Internet compared to our previous 100 meg link.  This increase in speed and capacity will allow our students, teachers, and staff quicker connections to the Internet providing for increased access and enriched classroom experiences.

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  • Please contact the IT department for requests via:

    School Dude

    for other inquires please use the following address and phone number

    Scottsbluff Public Schools District Office
    1722 First Avenue
    Scottsbluff, NE 69361