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Degrees and Certifications:

  • I graduated with my BA from Chadron State College and received my MA from the University of Nebraska @ Kearney.  I attended Scottsbluff Public Schools K-12 and am a 1995 graduate.  I am a High School Physical Education instructor who delivers direction in Advanced Strength and Conditioning, Beginning Weights, and Recreational Sports.  I also am the Head Girls and Boys Golf Coach.  Once a Bearcat...  Always a Bearcat!  

Classrooom Rules and Expectations

  • Classroom Rules and Procedures

    Scottsbluff High School Physical Education Programs

    Mr.Ehler: behler@sbps.net Planning: 12:10-12:55

    Mr. Benson: jsbenson@sbps.net Planning:   7:45-8:30 and 10:15-11:00

    Ms. Meininger: lmeininger@sbps.net Planning: 9:25-10:10



    Student and Classroom Expectations


      1. Physical education classes are activity-based classes where participation is a must.
    • Be properly dressed for physical activity (gym shorts/sweats, t-shirt, and tennis shoes). Each day that you don't dress out, you lose points. No sagging of gym shorts/sweats, cut off sleeves, loose jewelry, or offensive clothing, will ever be permitted).
    • Attend class on time every day (no later than 9 minutes after the tardy bell). Each tardy will be a deduction of 1 point (RSB)
    • Uphold academic honesty.


      1. Leave surroundings better than they were when you found them, any equipment used will be put back appropriately!
    • Absences from class other than for a school activity are to be made up. Get an Absence Make-up slip from the folder on the coaches’ door. If you fail to make up your exercise, your score will be a zero for that day. Skills test re-take: Students are allowed to re-take a skills test for up to 5 school days after the original assessment.
    • Food is not allowed in the weight room! Vending machines are off limits during the day.


      1. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
      2. Respond appropriately to emergency drills.
    • No electronic devices are never allowed. This includes the locker room.


      1. Demonstrate and share a positive attitude. Listen and value others and their inputs, and use school appropriate language (RSB point).
    • Students are NOT allowed into the teacher offices at any time unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
    • Excusals must be from a Doctor, nurse, or parent. Parent excusals will be accepted for 1 day only with the exception the day must still be made up. Doctor or nurse notes are in effect until they release you (you will receive a writing assignment if excused / Your grade will be determined on the writing assignment).Maximizing Results


    • Follow instructions the first time asked. Be prompt and listen carefully when changing weights or going to a different exercise. Be ready to lift when called.
    • Follow all safety procedures outlined by the teacher.


      1. Upon entering the weight room, look how much weight you should be lifting for you core lifts that day.
    • Lifting groups will be assigned according to similar lifting abilities. Do NOT change groups unless instructed to do so by the teacher.


      1. Lifting will be assigned to groups of 2-3 during core lifts and groups of 2 during supplement lifts.
      2. Do not drop weights unless of max weight.
    • When lifting lighter weights (beginning of a cycle), focus on using good technique and form so it will be easier on heavier weights.
    • Do not become stagnant on supplementary weighted lifts. Periodically increase the amount of weight lifted on supplemental lifts.
    • Stay together with the teacher! Do not delay or get ahead of the teacher.
    • Make every effort to improve on skills.


    1. There is no discussing weight vs. athletics. Students that are out for a school sponsored sport will have a modified lifting program the day of the event. Day before and day after do not constitute a modified lifting program (be conscientious regarding activity and workouts).
    2. Ask before leaving the weight room for any reason. Make sure to lock your locker before leaving the locker room.
    3. No sitting or leaning during non-lifting time.
    4. Limit Talking - Especially while lifting.   
    5. Physical Education Grading
    1. Each day of class a student can earn 5 points. These points can be earned by (but not limited to): dressing in appropriate PE clothes, participating in the activity for that day, using proper weight when lifting, being on time to class. These 5 points fall under the 30% grading category (referred to as a “weekly grade, or daily grade”) each week. If a student does not dress out for PE, they can still earn points by participation. If the student chooses not to participate, or is dressed inappropriately to participate, they will be docked their 5 points (teacher had the right to give a writing activity health related.
    2. Each day of PE class a student can earn 1 point of Responsible Social Behavior. Nebraska PE standard, Strand #5: Responsible Behavior: “Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.” Students can earn their 1 point by (but not limited to): treating the teacher and other students with respect, wearing the appropriate PE clothes, not having any electronic devices during class, using proper language, and being ready to participate on time. The 1 point of Responsible Social Behavior will fall under the 70% category (assessment).