• Submit a TIPS Report


    Click on the TIPS Prevent Logo to submit a new report or call 308-633-9999


    TIPS help students be heard.

    TIPS help parents and bystanders be heard.

    TIPS empower school leaders to listen.

    TIPS build a community of trust and awareness.


    At Scottsbluff Public Schools we are dedicated to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of your children and our students.  We believe in partnering with our parents and the community to combat drugs, weapons, or other factors which may be harmful to the school environment.  Scottsbluff Public Schools has implemented a web-based incident reporting tool called TIPS.  TIPS is a comprehensive platform for reporting, tracking and documenting incidents and concerns.  TIPS empowers students, parents, teachers and community members to be heard and to anonymously report warning signs and past, present and predicted crimes in our school community. The goal of TIPS is prevention and to help identify red flags and warning signs before an incident occurs or escalates. 

    If you or your child would like to report a concern, click on the TIPS Incident Report button.  All reports are confidential and your name will only be shared if you provide your contact information.  As soon as a report is made, designated school officials will receive an instant notification, review the incident and take appropriate actions.

    By working together, we can help prevent incidents from occurring and ensure the safety and security of our students.  With TIPS students and parents can report: 

    • Possession of Weapons
    • Drugs or Alcohol
    • Harassment/Intimidation
    • School Vandalism 
    • Physical Assault
    • Threats of Violence
    • Suicide Risk
    • Abuse/Neglect

    This is not an emergency reporting system.  If you have an urgent matter, please immediately dial 911.  If you or your child has a question or concern in regards to this program please contact your local school building.  Together, we can help stop school crises before they happen!