About Lake Minatare Elementary

Vision Statement

  • Emphasizing achievement of personal best while creating an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, and safety…

About Lake Minatare

  • Lake Minatare Elementary is the smallest building in the Scottsbluff Public School District. Although the history of the school dates back to 1889, the current school building was completed in 1966, and designed to accommodate the newly consolidated districts of Lake Minatare, Fairview, Hillcrest and Hope. Now, it is the neighborhood school made up of five classrooms with an attendance area of 160 square miles.

    Even though it is a smaller school, Lake Minatare Elementary has blended the curriculum and structures of the larger district with the spirit and customs of the country school. 

    The school community cherishes the character and closeness of a small school. Families become close to the teachers and look forward to the unique activities and experiences of each classroom. The school has a strong, supportive parent body that shares the schools high expectations for behavior, character development and academic achievement.

Principal's Message

  • Jeremy Behnke Hello, my name is Jeremy Behnke, this will be my 12th year in Scottsbluff and my 16th year in education.  I spent the majority of my teaching years in fifth grade and first grade and ended my teaching career in fourth grade.  I taught at Lincoln Heights Elementary for seven years before making the transition to administration five years ago.  I spent two years at Longfellow and Westmoor as an Assistant Principal and one-year full time at Westmoor.  I am grateful for all the administrators I have worked with during my career.  It has helped shape me into the administrator I am today with many things to learn!  

    This is my third year as Principal at Lake Minatare Elementary.  The last two years have been wonderful and I am excited for what the 2020-2021 school year brings for us.  I look forward to growing as a principal in our school district so that teachers, students, and families at our school have the opportunity to grow as well.  Together we will be better.   The environment at Lake Minatare is contagious and exciting.  The staff, students, and parents are passionate about educating and growing students up to be the best they can be.  Relationships Lead To Motivation!  
    Our school has 5 classrooms with grades Kindergarten through 5th grade for the 70 students attending and offers all of the amenities of the city schools such as art, music, P.E., and computer skills.