Visual Art Classes

Mr. Jeffrey Ferreri



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jeffrey Ferreri

Mr. Ferreri (Fur - Air - eee) is a visual artist who works in a wide variety of media and styles.

As a professional magician and eductional assembly presenter, he has performed hundreds of times across Michigan.

His special effects makeup artistry can be seen in such films as Robin Hood: The Beginning, Camping Holiday Blood Feast, Sasquatch Hunters, and Exposure.



    Mr. Ferreri is dedicated to helping every student become a better visual problem solver, more academically successful, and to live a more creative life. He will help open your eyes and your mind to new possibilities whether you take a single art class from him or if you enroll in the Art career track.


    His art classes go far beyond the same old art activities found in the tired old art classes taught everywhere. Mr. F will expose you to forms of art you may never have heard of and things you never realized were art. You will learn about the brain, vision, illusion, and the deep concepts surrounding what makes something "Art."


    Classes taught:

    Intro to Art

    A basic class that assumes no art background and helps students establish a solid foundation and an introduction the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Students learn about a wide variety of art forms, such as abstract art, hidden images, three dimensional drawing, bead making and color theory.

    Art 2

    This class moves into building more technical skills such as drawing the face with correct proportion, linear perspective, abstract sculpture, mask making and significantly building their image making skills. Students should take Intro to Art or have written permission from Mr Ferreri upon a review of a portfoilio of the student's work.

    Art 3

    This class delves into advanced skills such as mixed media technques, digital collage, mold making, special makeup effects, ceramic sculture and other demanding projects. Art 2 is a prerequisite for this class. Students who have not taken Art 2 but who have a great deal of experience in technical art skills may be able to take this class with written permission from Mr. Ferreri upon a review of a portfoilio of the student's work.

    Sudio Art

    Intended for students who are considering a career in the arts who have already developed a wide range of skills and are ready to focus in on mastering one or two specific categories of creating artwork, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, interior design, etc. Studio Art provides far more freedom and requires far more responsibility on the part of the student. Students hould have taken Art 3 previously or be currently enrolled in the class at the same time as taking Studio Art.

    Advanced Studio Art

    This is an opportunty for those who have taken Studio Art to develop even stronger skills, develop a personal voice as an artist and build an improved portfolio with an eye toward pursuing art in college leading towards an art related career.

    Intro Digital Design

    An introduction for students to the basics of working with software to create and edit digital imagery and gain a grasp of visual design principles. Students will learn to work with the industry standard Adobe suite of software.

    Media Art

    An advanced class for those considering a job in a variety of graphic design careers. Several digital graphics classes are recommended before taking this class. Students will learn advanced techniques and career secific applications of digital tools, such as User Interface, Corporate Branding, Interior Design, and Dimensional graphic illusions. 

    Students enrolled in Media Arts class may find information as well as view and submit assignments at Mr. F's Google Classroom sites by logging in through their school issued student Gmail account.


    Art makes

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