• Ms. Hancock's Homepage
    Welcome to my homepage!  This is my third year at Bluffs Middle School and my schedule has changed.  I still teach Keyboarding for 6th grade and Computer Technology for 7th grade.  This year I am also teaching a reading intervention class called "Just Words" for 6th grade and 8th grade.
    Before starting my teaching career I spent many years in the business world.  I have a background in banking, mortgage lending, small business ownership and accounting.  I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Education (7-12) from Chadron State College. 

  • Daily Schedule

    1st Period   7:45 - 8:44      Just Words (6th Grade) 

    2nd Period  8:48 - 9:38      Planning Time

    3rd Period   9:43 - 10:32    7th Grade Computer Technology

    4th Period  10:36 - 11:26   Just Words (8th Grade)

    5th Period  11:30 - 12:20   7th Grade Computer Technology

    6th Period  12:24 - 1:14     6th Grade Keyboarding

    7th Period   1:18 - 2:08      Lunch

    8th Period   2:12 - 3:02      6th Grade Keyboarding