Vision of Scottsbluff High School

  • Where all students will learn in a safe, supportive environment where there are high expectations, partnerships with the community, and comprehensive programs. 

History of Scottsbluff High School

  • SHS Echoes 1961 Scottsbluff High School is the largest high school in the Panhandle of Nebraska and is located in the north central part of Scottsbluff. It rests on approximately 15 acres of land where some of the finest facilities in the region are housed.

    In 2008, the one hundredth graduating class crossed the stage on the grass field at Bearcat Stadium. Over 100 years of history at Scottsbluff High School has been outstanding and colorful. the student body is made up of students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This diversity has given Scottsbluff students a rich foundation to build on as they join the work force in the area or go to other endeavors outside this small Midwestern community.

    The student population has fluctuated over the last several decades. The student body was at one time over 1,000 students and currently accommodates 850 students in 9th through 12th grade.

    SHS has an outstanding list of offerings and opportunities for all students. The Agricultural program is second to none in western Nebraska and has students regularly qualify on a state and national level. The DECA program also has many junior and senior level students studying the finer elements of marketing and business. It is not uncommon for SHS to send upwards of 30 students to national competitions. The Journalism, Yearbook, Speech, Drama, Band and Vocal music programs also compete and score very well at yearly festivals and conferences.

    The Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses challenge the students who are looking toward a college or university degree beyond high school. These opportunities give the student a taste of college level rigor and requirements, while at the same time, providing Scottsbluff High School students with college credit, while they are still in high school. It is conceivable for an SHS student to earn an Associate's Degree by the time they graduate from high school. Students can choose over 11 athletic activities to participate in each year. Many students choose to be active in each of the three organized athletic seasons sanctioned by the NSAA. Throughout the history of Scottsbluff High School, there have been many state championship teams and individual state champions walk the halls of the school.


Principal's Message

  • Mike Halley, Principal The Scottsbluff High School staff strives to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education for all students from various walks of life. We are pleased to have students of all abilities in our school; we support and protect the diversity that exists in our local community. We will continue to have high educational and behavioral expectations for all learners. Students and their high school education are at the forefront of our work throughout the short 32 weeks we are in session each school year.

    Our school environment is a top priority for the administration and staff at SHS. We work hard to maintain a safe and orderly workplace for students and teachers. Our halls are clean and well lit so students can pass from one area to another with little fear of student or facility issues during the school day. We have a regular schedule for emergency drills so students and parents know we are trying to better prepare ourselves in case of an unexpected break in our routines for the day/week because of some natural event or manmade incident. Our students are expected to dress appropriately and behave respectfully at all times. One of our major goals is to eliminate distractions to o
    ur students’ daily educational lessons. We make every attempt to be consistent with all students and treat everyone in a fair and just fashion.

    We are the only high school in the Scottsbluff School District serving approximately 850 students in grades nine through twelve. All SHS students are strongly encouraged to attend classes every day and also to take advantage of the challenging courses and the educational interventions provided throughout the year. The staff has developed and delivers a curriculum that will help prepare the communities young adults for their world beyond high school. We offer a variety of Advanced Placement and College Dual credit courses, our Vocational/Industrial Tech and Agriculture Departments are very popular, the Fine Arts Department is growing, the Business Department is thriving and we have a great Special Services staff to serve our students. We have the typical course offerings found in most comprehensive high schools in the disciplines of Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences, Language Arts/Speech and the Social Sciences.

    Each student is assigned a counselor when they enter our school. The counselors are required to monitor and inform each student of the educational opportunities available at Scottsbluff High School. The counselors will make sure each student is following an appropriate educational path toward graduation and if something occurs that takes a student from the required graduation track these highly competent professionals will work closely with the students and parents to get everything back on course. During the last two years of the students’ high school career the counselors will provide more focused guidance toward the years immediately following high school; albeit a college education, vocational/technical schooling, a military career or the workforce.

    We provide our students with many leadership opportunities and have a strong desire for all to become involved with at least one of the many extra and co-curricular activities we support at Scottsbluff High School. Lessons learned in music, sports, clubs/organizations and other activities are abundant - we know life lessons are learned in many different settings and these groups and teams help us provide an enhanced education for all of our student participants.

    If you have any questions for our staff please contact our school office at (308) 635-6230. We will do our best to respond to any concerns or questions you may have as quickly as possible. If you log onto our website you can learn more about our school, students, staff and programs. Our office hours are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, every school day. Thank you for the support you have given our school in the past and we hope you will find time to join us in the future for more academic, fine arts and athletic performances/competitions.