Welcome to Mr. Moran's Social Studies Classes

  • After graduating from the Univeristy of Wyoming, I have taught various Social Studies classes at SHS for 30 years.  Presently I teach Criminal Justice, American Government and U.S. History.

    I also coach football at SHS, coordinate the intramural basketball league for SHS students, and supervise the newly renovated Dean Palser Weight Room.

    Here are the codes to join Google Classroom:

    Period 1 American Government xlak3np

    Period 3 American Government fmz22mt

    Period 4 American Government p3rta4n

    Period 5 Courts and Judicial Process 3bi3zz2

    Period 7 Courts and Judicial Process smejwe3

    Period 8 American Government r4yasfl


  • Period 1 American Government g72rxxg

    Period 3 American Government npvrmyw

    Period 4 American Government z2iucdi

    Period 5 Courts and Judicial aepnb7m

    Period 7 Courts and Judicial gy7gbfw

    Period 8 American Government qn6u2of

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