• Welcome to Mr. Largo's classes!

    I have taught a variety of social studies classes at Scottsbluff High School for more than thirty years.  My current assignment includes International History, America in the 1960s and Advanced Placement U. S. History.  I serve as the faculty advisor for Key Club.

    If you have not already done so, please join the Google Classroom for your period of the day using the following codes (please note that all letters are lower case:
    Period One                     International Relations                     3fkq6r5
    Period Three                   America in the 1960s                      hqdxvac
    Period Four                     AP U. S. History                              264pxwj
    CATS                              AP Test Prep                                   hn6dqbl
    Period Five                     AP U. S. History                              c2xl2ig 
    Period Six                      International Relations                     lcjc3sg
    Period Eight                   America in the  1960s                      eypoie3