Welcome to Ms. Areeda's English Home Page

  • Welcome to Ms. Areeda's English Home Page

    Red Team

    Hey there! Welcome to the Freshman Academy Red Team! I am excited to have this opportunity to work with you over the course of the year and am so very thrilled to spend quality learning time with you. We will be diving into the written word with fervor and preparing you for the many adventures that will, undoubtedly, greet you in the near future.

    My Qualifications

    College: I received my Bachelors of Science specializing in Language, Literature and Writing for Secondary Education with a minor in Communication and Theatre Arts, from Eastern Michigan University. Nebraska and Michigan, both, consider me highly qualified to teach your English class! 

    2016/2017 Courses

    English 10

    English 9

    English 9 Honors

    CATS Freshman High School Success


Rules and Expectations

  • Freshman Academy Common Expectations – The Bearcat Way!

    Absent/Late Work Policy
    Daily work assignments are due at the beginning of the class period. Late daily work assignments will be accepted until the end of the assigned week, but will receive no higher than a 60%. Daily work assignments will not be accepted after the Friday of the week assigned.
    If you know you will be gone for whatever reason, please let Ms. Areeda know to gather and complete the assignment before your absence.

    Tests/Test Make-Ups:
    Tests can be retaken up until the end of the quarter. If a test is taken after October 1st or March 1st, retakes will roll into the following quarter. Students may retake a test as many times as needed within the designated time.
    Please schedule a designated time for test re-takes:
    During CATS - High School Success
    Before School Tutoring:                      7:00am-7:40am ROOM: TBA
    After School Tutoring:                        3:25pm-4:00pm ROOM: TBA
    Saturday School:                               9:00am-11:00am - LIBRARY

    Attendance/Tardy Policy:
    You are considered tardy if you arrive after the bell. After 10 minutes, you are considered absent. Multiple offenses will result in a call to your parents.  
    Daily warm-ups or bell ringers will be used to track attendance. Each warm-up is worth 5 points in the Classwork category. You must be in your seat and ready to do the warm-up before the bell. If you are tardy, you must come in after school to receive points

    Cell Phone/Headphone Policy:
    All Freshman Academy teachers will collect student cell phones at the beginning of class and return them at the end. Students will not be allowed to charge their phones. Students will not use phones in the classroom unless otherwise specified.
    Extenuating circumstances: if a student has an issue and needs cellphone, the student may get a note from the office to allow cell phone use during class.
    If a student is caught using a phone after collection, teacher will keep the phone until end of the class period. Students can pick up the phone at the end of the period.

    Each student is allowed to leave the classroom during class 4 times per semester and is issued a Hall Pass at the beginning of the semester.  Hall passes should be kept in the designated location in the classroom. If you lose your pass, you will not be issued another one.  Passes are NON-transferrable. If a student leaves the classroom in excess of 4 times within the semester, the student will serve a 15 minute detention with Ms. Areeda for each trip out of the classroom.  

    The following materials are necessary for a passing grade in the English 9 class:

    • One Subject Notebook: College Ruled
      • Labeled with your Full Name, Class Period and English 9
    • Class Folder
      • Labeled with your Full Name, Class Period and English 9
    • Writing Utensils: pencils, pens, quill & ink etc.
    • Your brilliant brain: activated and ready to work
    • Your beautiful, smiling face

    Student must give collateral in exchange for pencil and/or paper.

    Areeda's Expectations:
    Respect Yourself and Others

    ALWAYS Act with Human Kindness
    • Think Critically
    • Harassment = ZERO Tolerance
    TIME is a Precious Commodity - Don't Waste It



    1. Having a friendly or generous nature or attitude.
    2. Helpful to others or to another. Be thoughtful.
    3. Considerate or humane.
    4. Cordial; courteous
    5. Pleasant; agreeable

    Please think critically.

    Please think before you speak.

    Please think about the consequences of your words and actions.

    Please come prepared, ready to work and willing to think.



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