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    I have taught at Scottsbluff High School for my entire career.  I have taught may Social Science classes, but I currently am teaching Geography/World History in the Freshmen Academy.

    Please feel free to contact me at dabts@sbps.net if you have any questions.

  • We will use Google Classroom for assignments while we are not at school. 

    The first assignments will be posted on Monday, March 23rd. 

    Please stay home and be safe.


  • 1st - Planning

    2nd - Planning

    3rd - Guided Study

    4th - Geography - World History

    CATS - Link Crew

    5th - Geography - World History

    6th - Geography - World History

    7th - Geography - World History

    8th - Geography - World History


  • Description:  Geography-World History is a basic understanding of physical geography and the events that happened around the world in the past and how that affects the present and even the future.  First semester we will study the landforms, water features, climate, and history of Latin America and Europe. Second semester we will study Africa, Southwest Asia, South Asia, and East Asia.

    Grade Components:

    * Assessments (70%):  Tests, major projects, essays, semester exam, etc.

    * Daily Work (30%):  Warm-ups, worksheets, etc.

    Assessments:  Tests can be retaken up until the end of the quarter.  If a test is taken after October 1st or March 1st, retakes will roll into the following quarter.  Students need to retake tests as many times as needed to earn a 70% within the designated time.  A Review Worksheet will need to be completed before the test can be retaken.  Major projects will have different completion dates. Semester exams are in this category.

    Daily Work:

    * Warm-Ups: Daily warm-ups will be done in the first five minutes of class. Each warm-up is worth 5 points.  This grade will be recorded in the grade book at the end of each week.  If you are tardy or absent, you must come in before or after school to do the warm-up and receive points.  

    * Homework: Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class period.  Late daily work assignments will be accepted until the end of the assigned week.  Daily work assignments will not be accepted after the Friday of the week assigned.

    Absences:  If a student misses class for any reason, he/she will be expected to get your work from the homework binder.  The binder is located at the front of the room with the class period number on it. Inside the binder, the student will find information about what was done each day.  Students will have one day for every day they are absent to get an assignment done.  If a student is absent only on Monday, he/she should get the assignment on Tuesday, and turn it in for full credit on Wednesday.  

    Hall Pass:  Each student is allowed to leave the classroom during class 4 times per semester and is issued a Hall Pass at the beginning of the semester.  Hall passes should be kept in the file box in the classroom. If a student leaves the classroom in excess of 4 times during the semester, the student will serve a 15-minute detention with Mrs. Abts for each trip out of the classroom.  

    Cell Phone:  Students will not use a phone in the classroom unless otherwise specified.  Students will put their cell phones in the designated area at the beginning of each class period.  No warnings will be given to put cell phones away.  If a cell phone is found, the teacher will take the cell phone and return it at the end of the class.  Students will not be allowed to charge their phones during class.  

    Planning Time:  My planning time is 1st and 2nd periods.  I have meetings on Thursdays during 1st period, so I won’t be available.  I will be here from 7:15 AM to 4:00 PM each day.  Please come in for extra help or to make up assignments.  

    My school email address is: dabts@sbbearcats.net (not checked often) or dabts@sbps.net (checked daily).  The school phone number is 635-6230.