Welcome to Mrs. Lease's Physical Education Class

Mrs. Lease



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lease

My name is Amy Lease.  I am the physical education teacher at Lincoln Heights Elementary School.  This will be my fourth year teaching physical education.  Previously, I taught second grade.  I have been teaching for thirteen years, eleven of those years with Scottsbluff Public Schools.  I am married to my husband Spencer and we have two children named Kinley and Mason.  I coach eighth grade girls basketball and ninth grade volleyball.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and playing volleyball and basketball. I am excited to continue my adventure in physical education.  

Class Schedule

  • 7:55-8:10 – Morning Meeting with Mr. Weyrich

    Red Days

    4th grade 8:15-9:05 - Bears/Lions

    3rd grade 9:15-10:05 - Kissler/Graesser

    5th grade 10:10-11:00 - Bears/Lions

    2nd grade 12:40-1:25 - Craig/Howard

    1st grade 1:30-2:15 - Schmidt/Clarkson

    Kindergarten 2:20-3:05 - Adams/Blehm


    Blue Days

    4th grade 8:15-9:05 - Cats/Bears

    3rd grade 9:15-10:05 - Blanco/Kissler

    5th grade 10:10-11:00 - Cats/Bears

    2nd grade 12:40-1:25 - Carrizales/Craig

    1st grade 1:30-2:15 - Castle/Schmidt

    Kindergarten 2:20-3:05 - Stolen/Adams


    Green Days

    4th grade 8:15-9:05 - Lions/Cats

    3rd grade 9:15-10:05 - Graesser/Blanco

    5th grade 10:10-11:00 - Lions/Cats

    2nd grade 12:40-1:25 - Howard/Carrizales

    1st grade 1:30-2:15 - Clarkson/Castle

    Kindergarten 2:20-3:00 - Blehm/Stolen