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Mrs. Sara Klein, MA, LMHP

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Mrs. Sara Klein, MA, LMHP

My name is Sara Klein, this is my 5th year at Lincoln Heights Elementary School.  Prior to working as an elementary counselor, I was in private practice for 10 years.  I have specialized training in attachment, trauma and working with kids age 2-10 years old.  I am also a certified trainer for the "Circle of Security Parenting Program."

  •  The purpose of school counseling is to have a professional who works with students to help the child develop academically, personally and socially.  School counselors work to help students find solutions to problems, help children develop communication and problem solving skills that will help the child throughout his or her life and help make school a successful experience for the child.  

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  • Hello parents and students!  As we navigate through this uncertain time I wanted to reach out and offer some support and guidance.  First and foremost SBPS is working hard to make sure that we can offer students the best education and services at this time.  This is all new territory for all of us so we need to be patient and understanding that we may need to work out some wrinkles.  

    • Control what you can control- don't waste time worrying about things you can't change.  Focus on what you can change and how you respond to the things you can change.  Parent's remember, our children look to us on how to handle situations.  
    • This isn't a time to panic, but to remain calm and be prepared.  Take the time you need to get adjusted, practice patience, kindness and show compassion and empathy for everyone in our community.  
    • Utilize resources- SBPS is doing a great job of getting our information to our families and community.  Please make sure that you are using the Remind App system, checking the home page and getting updates under Health Update tab.
    • Make sure that you are connecting.  Connecting with family members, friends, checking in on those who might be struggling during this change.  Take time to answer questions children might be having, answer them the best you can and honestly.  Limit the amount of news and social media exposure children have.  Connect with a family member or friend that you haven't talked to in some time.  
    • Make sure you are taking care of your health.  Drink plenty of water, get some exercise and plenty of sleep.  Social isolation doesn't mean you can't go for a walk, do some exercises in your home or get out and play.  
    • The most important thing for kids is consistency and routine.  Make sure kids understand this isn't a spring break and that expectations are still in place.  We talk about expectations at school all the time, let them know what you expect of them at home during this time.  Help them to establish a routine of school work, fun, exercise, family time, connection and relaxation.  Make the day as normal of a school day as possible.  Use this time to slow down...we often move to fast through life, slow down, breathe, and enjoy each other.  Children who know what to expect and have a consistent routine do better, feel safer and more successful. 
    • Set up an area for doing school work with a computer, text books, anything the student might need in a quite location, away from distractions.  
    • Know that people are here, please if you are struggling or have questions, reach out, someone is always willing to help!
Daily Schedule
  • Nebraska Rural Response Hotline 1-800-464-0258

    Nebraska Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK

    Mental Health Crisis Line 1-877-492-7001

    Substance use Crisis Line 1-308-762-7177

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