Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!

Mrs. Kosman

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Business - Marketing Bachelor of Science - Education

Mrs. Kosman

Who am I? Originally from Australia, I am now a proud American Citizen that has lived in Scottsbluff since 2009. My family consists of my husband and three daughters (5 months, 4, and 6 years of age)! My family also includes a beagle named Koko and a yellow lab called Milo. I like to hike, listen to music, cook, and travel. My guilty pleasures are fashion and pop culture. I love working in the classroom and seeing kids rise to their potential. I'm a teacher on the Bobcat Team.

What tools equip me to teach you? I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Bond University and a Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education with a minor in Social Sciences from Chadron State College. I'm currently doing my Masters at Chadron State in School Counseling. I subbed in the Scottsbluff School District since 2010 and started working full-time at BMS in 2014. Before going back to college and becoming a school teacher, I had a career in recruitment and sales. In this career, I worked for [and with] multinational companies such as CocaCola, Kraft, and KPMG. This experience helped me be a well-rounded teacher today. 

Why Social Studies? I believe Social Studies, particularly American History, is pretty awesome. To me, retracing the story of America is like watching a summer blockbuster. There are gory battles, devastating blows to the human spirit, inspiring innovators, victorious moments, crazy truths that make you think "this can't be real!", and countless memorable characters that bring the pages to life. Are you pumped yet? This year will be a journey back-in-time like no other and I am honored to be your teacher.