We are now accepting applications for certified substitute teachers. Contact Nebraska Department of Education for an application or to answer questions regarding requirements for certification (402-471-2295 or see link below). Those who hold a Nebraska valid and current teaching or substitute certificate can apply online by visiting our job board and choosing Certified Substitute Teacher. You will need to provide your NE certificate, driver's license, and social security card.

Why Sub??

New Compensation

New Compensation for Substitute Teachers takes effect December 1, 2021

Days Worked

Daily Rate







SBPS Certificated Staff Contracted 4+ years


Everyday Subs


Incentive for New Subs!

New Substitutes can now get reimbursement up to $320 for the Human Relations Training Requirement! To qualify, individuals must be new substitutes who do not currently have a substitute certificate and are currently missing the Human Relations Training component of the certification. After completion of 5 days of substitute teaching at SBPS, applicants can request reimbursement to be received on the next monthly payroll. Proof of payment is required to receive reimbursement. This incentive offer is only available until April 2022, so contact the SBPS Business Department to sign up 308-635-6200 or [email protected]

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