CATS Connect: The Family Engagement Trail

Check out our families who have used #sbpscatsconnect to document their quest on the trail! 

See below for more family activity ideas. 

Family Fun Activities: 

  • Walk the YMCA trail on the river or part of the Monument Valley Pathway (Hwy 26 pedestrian bridge)
  • Scottsbluff National Monument has no entrance fees, and you can walk the trails 
  • Visit the 18th St. Farmer's Market 8-11 AM weekends through September
  • Watch a movie on Super Tuesday's at Reel Lux Movie Theatre at the mall at a discounted rate 
  • Go to the Sky View Drive in movie theater as a family $4-7 per person
  • Explore the Western Nebraska Arts Center (no fee) 
  • Check out one of the many parks in Scottsbluff! 
                                           Scottsbluff Parks
  • Create a family tree together, or a VIP tree with the important individuals in your lives! 
  • Do an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt! 
  • Volunteer at the animal shelter or Riverside Discovery Center! 
  • Download the free Geocaching app, and try out geocaching!