Native American Education


The goal of Title VII Indian Education is to address the educational and cultural needs of Native American students and to improve the school programs that help them meet the challenging academic achievement standards for our district and state.

Scottsbluff's Native American Education program supports closing the achievement gap for Native students. Native Americans have always had a strong belief in education. Traditional 'knowledge and skills needed to survive in the natural world was transferred from one generation to the next, and the phrase, 'no child left behind,' was not an empty slogan . . . An important facet of this educational system, which reflected the worldview of hundreds of Indian Nations, was that everything was integrated; nothing was segregated. There was no division between the individual and the community . . .'

'Let us put our minds together to see what lives we make for our children.' - Sitting Bull

Goals of the Program

  • Reduce the dropout rate among Native Americans
  • Improve attendance of Native Americans
  • Improve Native American’s reading and math level