Greenhouse Sale

Green house sale

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To set up a time to visit the greenhouse email Mr. Talkington at [email protected] or Mr. Held at [email protected] or call at 308-635-6215. You can see the full greenhouse inventory including videos of the plants on the website at the following link:


All Annuals are $3.00

6' pots $5.00

Tomatoes: $1.00 each

Peppers $.50 each or four pack for $2.00

See our inventory here



Bee Bold, Bidens Bee Bold, Bidens

Cabaret Pink, Calibrachoa

Cabaret Blue, Calibrachoa

Watermelon Punch, Calibrachoa

Holy Moly, Calibrachoa

Lemon Slice, Calibrachoa

Cannova Bronze Scarlet (Red), Canna Lily

Cannova Orange Shades, Canna Lily

Celosia Fresh Look Mix

Lava Rose (Trailing), Coleus

Dianthus Diana Picotee Mix

Medium Pink Flame, Geranium

Precision Red Ice, Geranium Ivy

Hypoestes Splash Select Mix

Lucky Flame, Lantana

Lucky Sunrise Rose, Lantana

Magadi Dark Purple, Lobelia

Magadi Electric Blue, Lobelia

Magadi White, Lobelia

4D Berry White, Osteospernum

4D Sunburst- Osteospernum

4D Pink, Osteospernum

Spider Pink, Osteospernum


Easy Wave Red Velour, Petunia

Double Wave, Blue Velvet

Petunia-Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy

Headliner Pink Sky, Petunia

Daybreak Charm, Supertunia

Priscilla, Petunia

Petunia Black Satin, Sweetunia

Johnny Flame, Sweetunia

Miss Marvel, Sweetunia

Blackie (Dark Purple) Long, Sweet Potato Vine

Tricolor, Sweet Potato Vine

Red Rose, Verbena

1Vampire Vampire,

Dark Violet Blue, Verbena

Vino- Coleus

Chili Pepper Coleus

Spiced Curry Coleus

Perennial Grasses:

Cyperus, Baby Tut Grass

Prince Tut, Cyperus Grass

Fireworks, Pennisetum Grass

Purple Fountain, Pennisetum Grass

Vertigo, Pennisetum Grass


California Wonder Bell Peppers

Anaheim Hot Chile

Corno De Toro Sweet Chile


Sweet Banana Pepper


Super Beef Steak

Super Steak

Early treat

Sweet 100 Cherry


Cloned Plants in 6' Container:

Blue Agave (limited availability)

Aloe Plant (limited availability)

Ice Plant (succulent)

White Geranium

Purple Geranium

Red Geranium

Burgundy Ivy Geranium

Pink Geranium