Diversity Team

SBPS Diversity Team

SBPS Diversity Team Mission

The SBPS Diversity Team is committed to educational equity and ensuring that all students, regardless of background and circumstances, will participate and succeed in a rich and diverse array of academic and enrichment opportunities, within an environment that fosters mutual acceptance and respect; and we invite the community at large to join with us in support of this mission.

Following Scottsbluff Public School's declaration to diversity, equity and inclusion, a team of individuals throughout SBPS and the community joined together to continue conversations, organize resources and undergo the work to fulfill our vision of and commitment to equitable treatment and opportunity for all students. Our Diversity Team meets bi-monthly and is comprised of Scottsbluff Public Schools staff and students and also comprised of community organization partners & passionate stakeholders.  Wynne Burg facilitates these meetings and can be reached at [email protected]