Innovator Initiative

  • The SBPS Innovator Initiative is a systematic approach to increase the amount of technology available to students through the addition of Chromebook carts while still maintaining the amount of other technological resources in the district. This program also increases excitement and prepares teachers to use the technology effectively in the classroom through conferences, online resources, and weekly training. Teachers primarily use Google Apps with these Chromebooks and primarily use Google Classroom as a way to share upcoming assignments, give feedback on submitted work, provide important links and information, and communicate with students. 

    We currently have 4 Chromebook carts being shared among 8 teachers at Scottsbluff High School. Each cart is shared exclusively between 2 teachers as Innovator partners. We will be extending the program by adding 4 additional carts at the high school and 1 chromebook cart for each of our four large elementary schools.


    • 120 Chromebooks in current initiative
    • 240 Chromebooks will be added this year
    • Current high school classrooms involved include:
      • Math
      • Science
      • Social Studies
      • FCS
      • English
    • Classrooms being added this year:
      • English
      • Math
      • Social Studies
      • Foreign Language
      • Business
      • Elementary grade levels

     The Innovator Initiative was developed following a successful pilot program that increased the number of Chromebooks at Bluffs Middle School and iPads at the elementary schools.