Elementary Academics

  • Elementary academics


    Elementary schools are the building blocks for a strong foundation for learning throughout a student's life. It is our goal to make sure that every Scottsbluff elementary student receives rigorous and relevant education preparing him or her for middle school. We offer a wide variety of resources and professional development for teachers to support student learning.

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A Typical Day

  • Typical Elementary Day

    Below are general guidelines for elementary schedules. Contact your student’s teacher or school for more specific information concerning schedules and programming.


    Grades K-2

    Grades 3-5


    Reading – 90 minutes
    Writing – 30 minutes

    Reading – 60 minutes
    Writing – 45 minutes


    60-80 minutes

    60-80 minutes

    Science and
    Social Studies

    45 minutes
    Alternating days or weeks

    45 minutes
    Alternating days or weeks

    Intervention and

    30 minutes

    45 minutes


    50 minutes

    50  minutes


    35 minutes

    35 minutes


    15 minutes

    15 minutes

Core Curriculum

  • Guided Reading (K-5)

    Guided Reading using Mondo Bookshop enables opportunities for students with similar needs to talk, read, and think purposefully about text.


    Bridges Mathematics (K-5)

    The Bridges Math curriculum focuses on developing students’ deep understandings of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve problems.


    Lucy Calkins Units of Study Writing (K-5)

    The elementary writing program follows the writing workshop approach using Lucy Calkins Units of Study. The writing program instruction includes mini lessons or the direct teaching component, independent writing, and sharing.


    Science Fusion (K-5)

    The elementary science program builds inquiry and skills through digital curriculum and hands-on science activities.

Grade Requirements

  • Scottsbluff neighborhood elementary schools issue report cards four times each academic year, or roughly every 9 weeks. Elementary report cards specify: what all students should know and be able to do (as delineated within the Scottsbluff curriculum); student's performance against the Nebraska State Standards (not comparing student to student); and provides the parent or guardian an accurate assessment of how their child is progressing.