• Smartmusic

    As part of the school’s DALI program, band students will be using a program called Smartmusic. Students will be able to use Smartmusic as a practice aid for their method book assignments and concert music. Playing assessments will also be completed using Smartmusic on the student’s Chromebooks. This will save a tremendous amount of time in class because the students will be able to complete most of their playing assessments outside of class.

    Students will receive feedback on how they are playing in several ways. Students can record themselves playing and listen to their performance. Smartmusic can provide visual feedback to help the students understand what may still need more practice. After they submit their playing assessment, I will be able to send the students feedback on how they can continue to improve.

    This is a program that I have found to be helpful and fun in my own practice and the practice of just about every student who uses it. More information will be given to the students about how to use this program after they have received their school-assigned Chromebooks.

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