• 6th Grade Band

    Sixth Grade Band is a full year course.

    Sixth Grade Band meets as a full band class Monday through Friday during the school day. They perform concerts in December, February/March, and May. The Sixth Grade Band participates in the Western Nebraska Middle Level Music Contest where they have consistently received SUPERIOR ratings.

  • Assignments

    Week of January 25

    Students should be practicing the Warm-up lines on page 30 (lines 154-156), Pages 30-31 in their Essential Elements Book, and their Concert Music.

    This week, Students have a playing assessment over pages 28-29. This assessment should be completed using Smartmusic on the student's Chromebooks. Instructions for completing this assessment can be found on the Google Classroom 6th Grade Band page. This assessment is due on Friday, January 29. 

    Demonstration recordings of the concert music has been added to the Recordings page of this Website. Students should listen to these recordings and use them to help them prepare their music.


    Online Music Theory

    Note Identification Instructions

  • Practice

    AT HOME PREPARATION: A students progress in band will depend on what is achieved during daily home practice sessions. Learning takes place at school, but proficiency is gained at home.

    Students are expected to take their instruments home daily and on weekends.

    Students will see more improvement if they practice daily for shorter periods of time than if they try to do all of their practicing in one weekend. In other classes, students have homework. In band, a students homework is their practice time at home.

    Parents, a key element to your childs success on his/her instrument will be your support. Very rarely will a child practice without having to be told. Practicing, to the student, becomes a chore, but it is a cycle; practice makes you good, which leads to fun and makes you want to play your instrument more. With the proper guidance and support from you, both you and your child will see the benefits of good practice. Please refer to the back of the practice record or to the web site for some guidlines to help your child at home.

    ***Reminder: Your REQUIRED practice sheets are DUE each MONDAY (or the first day of the week).

    Week #21 Practice Sheet (dated 1/18 - 1/24)

    is due Monday, January 25


     To download, please click on BMS Band Practice Record below.