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    Honors Social Studies!

     Honors Opportunities provides students the opportunity to self-select a topic of interest to research (with teacher approval). The research and completion of the Honors Opportunities are student-driven with the students to guide their progress.

    • Honors Opportunities are available for each semester of the year; however, a student may initiate an Honors Opportunities proposal at any time throughout the year.
    • students must attend three sessions to be eligible for Honors Opportunities Credit
    • Students must return a form fully completed to their Social Studies teacher (me) to be eligible for Honors Opportunities credit
    • The final project should include a completed research paper, detailed PowerPoint presentation, video, or some other type of teacher approved presentation tool or model.
    • Students must spend a minimum of 20 hours working on their project and log the 20 hours on the "Honors Opportunities Log Sheet"

    Possible Topics:

    • Presidents
    • The American Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, or other U.S. or country wars
    • Geography
    • Country or state
    • Historical figures
    • Any historical topic

    Below you will find a copy of the "Honors Opportunities Credit Contract" and "Honors Log Sheet"

    Log Sheet

    Honors Credit Contract