• While attending Scottsbluff High School, students will have many opportunities to take dual credit courses at the SHS campus, WNCC
    campus, Fullen School of Hair Design, Chadron State College, or Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, College of Agricultural
    Science and Natural Resources through the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. While taking dual credit courses, students will be expected
    to abide by the guidelines of the dual credit institution and Scottsbluff High School.

  • WNCC CollegeNOW! Handbook

    CollegeNOW! Handbook

    Visit the WNCC CollegeNOW! webpage here:

    CollegeNOW! webpage

    What is meant by High School Select and Campus Select? 


    CollegeNOW! High School select students.

    High School Select

    Start your college education within the halls of your high school.

    Select high schools in the area offer CollegeNOW! courses on-site taught by certified high school teachers or a WNCC faculty member.

    Check with your school counselor on the availability of these offerings.


    CollegeNOW! Campus Select students.

    Campus Select

    College classes on a college campus.

    Take a college course in a college setting (either on campus, online, or through distance learning Interactive Television (ITV) to gain valuable first-hand experience in higher education.



  • Registration
    WNCC registration for high school students takes place in April for fall classes and in November for spring classes. The registration
    process involves meeting with school counselors and WNCC college advisors. In order to register, students must complete a WNCC
    registration form and an SHS contract for college course enrollment. Information for completion of this process will take place prior to
    registration for WNCC classes.
    Basic Skills Assessment
    Either the ACT, SAT, or WNCC ACCUPLACER test is used for placement in courses requiring an assessment score prerequisite.
    The test is administered to
    • Students enrolling in English or Mathematics courses
    • Students enrolling in courses with English, Reading, or Math prerequisites
    The high school counselors have a parameter sheet explaining the scores needed for college class entrance requirements.
    Grades and Credits
    In order for a course to be transferrable, a student must earn a minimum grade of 70% in a college course as compared to 60% at
    Scottsbluff High School.
    WNCC Academic Probation and Suspension
    It is very important that students do their absolute best in their college classes. Students are considered to be making satisfactory
    progress if they have a WNCC GPA of 2.00 (70%) or higher.
    The purpose of academic probation is to warn students of their unsatisfactory academic progress. Academic probation may also pose a
    problem in obtaining financial aid for college after high school. Students are placed on academic suspension after they are on
    probation for one semester and satisfactory academic progress has not been made.
    WNCC Portal
    Each student taking a college class will log into their WNCC portal. To log in, a student will go to www.wncc.edu, then click on
    “MyWNCC” in the upper right hand corner of the page. If students are taking a class on the WNCC campus, it is important to get logged
    onto the portal as quickly as possible as classroom materials will be accessed through Blackboard. Students can view their schedule,
    instructor name, grades, and request transcripts on the portal. See counselor or WNCC advisor for further information.
    Transferology and Transfer Nebraska
    Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. The website for Transferology
    is www.transferology.com. Students wanting to transfer within the state of Nebraska should visit www.transfer.nebraska.edu. Dual
    credit grades lower than a “C” on the college level may not transfer to other colleges, or apply to a specific program of study.
    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their
    children’s education records at elementary and secondary schools that are subject to FERPA’s requirements. These rights transfer to
    the student when he or she attends a postsecondary institution at any age. Under FERPA, an eligible student must provide a signed
    and dated written consent before a school discloses personally identifiable information, such as financial aid records, grades,
    transcripts, account balance, student conduct, or placement scores from the student’s education records. Students should be
    responsible for knowing the status of their progress. We realize that there may be situations when parents may want to access their
    son’s/daughter’s grades. Students have access to grades on their WNCC portal. If parents want access to grades or other personally
    identifiable information, their son or daughter will need to sign a release of information agreement. This form is found in the portal.
    Parents wishing to access student information for dual enrollment through SHS will need to work through SHS Infinite Campus for
    progress monitoring; however, grades and attendance are only updated at midterm and semester. Parents wishing for full access will
    need to access the student’s WNCC portal.
    Academic Help
    Any student taking a class through WNCC has access to the tutoring opportunities in the Math Center and the Writing Center. These
    centers are typically open during the day and evening.

    Student Code of Conduct (including Academic Integrity)
    Students are encouraged to go on the WNCC website to view the college’s policies relating to academic integrity. Students are
    expected to know and understand the College’s policies relating to student conduct and academic integrity and are held accountable
    for doing so. Please refer to the student handbook found on WNCC’s web page.
    Transportation will be provided for all students enrolled in courses at WNCC. All students attending class on the WNCC campus will be
    expected to ride the SHS/WNCC shuttle. The shuttle will run continuously throughout the day to prevent transportation barriers and
    ensure the safety of Scottsbluff High School students. On days that Scottsbluff High School is not in session, students will be required
    to provide their own means of transportation to the WNCC campus.
    Scottsbluff Public Schools will pay the tuition for students enrolling in Dual Credit courses on the SHS Campus and taught by an SHS
    instructor AND those courses that are required as part of a student’s Career Academy. Although SBPS will pay tuition, it is essential
    that all students qualifying for the free and reduced lunch program apply for the Access College Early College Scholarship program.
    Should a student fail a dual credit course, the student will be responsible for reimbursement of tuition costs to the school district.
    Students selecting to drop a course prior to the WNCC drop deadline will receive a “W” at WNCC and will take a replacement course at
    SHS. Those students wishing to participate in an extracurricular activity must enroll in a credit recovery course in order to maintain
    eligibility for the dropped course. If a student selects to drop a course before the WNCC drop deadline, they may enroll in a credit
    recovery course to replace the grade of the WNCC course. If a student does not enroll and complete a credit recovery course to
    replace the WNCC course, the student will receive an “F” on their transcript for the WNCC course. Students choosing to drop a course
    after the WNCC drop deadline will receive a failing grade at both WNCC and SHS. Students who drop a course after the drop date will
    be ineligible for extracurricular activities. Students that choose to drop a dual credit course will be responsible for reimbursement of
    tuition costs to the school district.
    College (WNCC) credits earned and how they will be computed to high school credits. Two through four credit courses at WNCC will
    be computed as five credit courses on an SHS transcript. Six credit courses at WNCC will be computed as a ten credit course on an SHS
    Grade Replacement
    Students who fail or receive an unsatisfactory grade in a college course may retake the course at their own expense and may replace
    both their college and high school transcript grade.