• English Language Arts (ELA) Class

    This year we will be exploring a variety of texts that focus on identity, the use of language, and the effects of crisis on humanity. We will be using the 7th Grade Wit & Wisdom curriculum. This curriculum is composed of four modlues: Identity in the Middle Ages, Americans All, Language and Power, and Fever. Each module explores different texts, writing techniques, et cetera. 

    We will read the following novels this school year:

    • Castle Diary
    • The Canterbury Tales
    • Code Talker
    • Animal Farm
    • Fever
    • An American Plague



  • English Language Arts (ELA) Support Class

    This class is desinged to help provide additional support to students who may struggle with ELA and the content taught in their core ELA class. Over the course of the school year, we will work towards improving students grammatical skills, writing abilities, and reading abilities.