• I firmly believe

    we are all always in the process of becoming our best selves. 

    To that end, I anticipate both kudos and concerns,

    both of which we will navigate and come to understand with grace.

    Every person, every day, everywhere . . .

    1.  Belong -- Show up to the main event.  The right to a public education

                       does not come without the responsibility to learn.

    2.  Understand -- YOU matter!

    3.  Engage -- Be present.

    4.  Participate -- Think.  Speak.  Listen.  Read  Write.  Take notes.                                             Discuss.

    5.  Reflect -- during & after, find the relevance. 

    6.  Do -- activities on time, assignments on time, assessments on time.                         Just do.

    7.  Communicate -- talk, draw, sing, demonstrate, text, email;

                                 find and use your voice in a way that reveals

                                 respect of self and others.


    Safety          Respect          Responsibility          Leadership