Google Classroom Guardian Summaries

  • While parents and guardians do not have access to their student's Google Classroom, those who wish to receive Email Summaries about online assignments may ask teachers to be added as a Guardian in Google Classroom.  Follow the steps below to be added to your student's Google Classroom Classes.  

To be Added as a Guardian

  • Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Invitations Video

    1.  Email your student's teacher and request to be added as a Guardian in Google Classroom. Supply the teacher with your child's name, the class, and the email address you wish to receive these summaries through. 

    2.  The teacher will invite you as a Guardian. Watch your email for an invitation (you may check your spam folder, depending on your email settings), confirm that the student listed is your child, and click "Accept Invitation." You will have 120 days from the date the invitation is sent to accept.

    3.  Upon clicking "Accept Invitation," you will be directed to a page which will allow you to adjust your email summary settings. You may choose to receive daily or weekly summaries of your student's assignments and activity in Google Classroom (across all subjects!), and may choose to stop receiving the summaries at any time.

    4.  Once you have been invited in one class, your invitation adds you to all of your student's Google Classroom Classes. 

    5.  Email summaries allow you to review missing work, upcoming work, and class activities.